Ethical Hacking Master’s Course: HACK & SECURE LIKE A PRO | Udemy

Ethical Hacking Master’s Course: HACK & SECURE LIKE A PRO | Udemy
English | Size: 5.13 GB
Genre: eLearning

What you’ll learn
170+ ethical hacking & security videos
Start from 0 up to a high-intermediate level.
Learn ethical hacking, its fields & the different types of hackers.
Install a hacking lab & needed software (on Windows, OS X and Linux).
Practical ethical hacking and penetration testing skills
Network hacking and defenses
Understand how websites work, how to discover & exploit web application vulnerabilities to hack websites.
System Hacking
System to Mobile Hacking
Termux Mobile application
Use 30+ hacking tools such as Metasploit, Aircrack-ng, SQLmap…..etc.
Discover vulnerabilities & exploit them to hack into servers.
Hack secure systems using client-side & social engineering.
Hack facebook using social enginnering
Hack Instagram using Social engineering
Secure systems from all the attacks shown.
Install & use Kali Linux – a penetration testing operating system.
Learn linux basics.
Learn linux commands & how to interact with the terminal.
Learn Network Hacking / Penetration Testing.
Network basics & how devices interact inside a network
Run attacks on networks without knowing its key.
Gather detailed information about networks & connected clients like their OS, ports …etc.
Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Module 02: Footprinting and Reconnaissance
Module 03: Scanning Networks
Module 04: Enumeration
Module 05: Vulnerability Analysis
Module 06: System Hacking
Module 07: Malware Threats
Module 08: Sniffing
Module 09: Social Engineering
Module 10: Denial-of-Service
Module 11: Session Hijacking
Module 12: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
Module 13: Hacking Web Servers
Module 14: Hacking Web Applications
Module 15: SQL Injection
Module 16: Hacking Wireless Networks
Module 17: Hacking Mobile Platforms
Module 18: IoT Hacking
Module 19: Cloud Computing
Module 20: Cryptography
Career Guide Path in cyber security
OWASP Top 10
Bug Bounty
Understand the security threats affecting networks and applications
Bug Bounty portswigger Labs
Vulnweb lab
Full practical of all module
Malware analysis using wireshark
Analysis of Phishing emails

Who this course is for:
Profession interested in Advanced ethical hacking and cybersecurity.
Beginner students interested in ethical hacking and cybersecurity.
Students who want to hack like a pro
Preofessionals who want to Secure their organizations & Grow their career
Students who want to make their career in Cyber Security




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