eForensics Magazine Vol 12 No.1 : Satellite Forensics

eForensics Magazine Vol 12 No.1 : Satellite Forensics
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Satellite technology has become a ubiquitous feature of modern life, providing integral services such as communication, navigation, streaming, Earth observation, and scientific research. Alongside this growing dependence, however, comes a corresponding increase in vulnerabilities. Consequently, the field of satellite forensics has emerged as a specialized discipline concerned with the gathering and analysis of satellite data to investigate incidents such as unauthorized access, security breaches, and collisions with space debris. As the number of satellite-related incidents continues to rise, so does the importance of satellite forensics in mitigating the risks associated with this technology. We would like to introduce these subjects to you in this issue. You can see where all of this led us by looking through a few truly fascinating articles that we gathered. Kate Libby wrote the article that presents all topics in general, and you will see how interesting this topic is and how useful knowing this technology can be. DR. Sapna V M tells you how Satellite forensics, a quite promising field, involves the investigation and analysis of satellite images and data to track information pertinent to legal and investigative processes. George Antoniou, in his article, delineates the potential digital forensic challenges and discusses the state of digital forensic readiness in the context of 6G satellite and IoT networks. And Rhonda Johnson, in her article, delves into space satellite forensics, exploring the challenges faced, and the tools used to investigate satellite hacking incidents. Moreover, in this issue, you can read fantastic articles written by Alameen Karim Merali, Harsh Behl, and Daniele Ferreira. Our last great source of knowledge is the interviews with two famous experts: Brett Shavers and Barry Grundy. Definitely, you will find your favourite article and a new piece of knowledge in this issue. This publication would not have been possible without the contributions of our authors, reviewers, editors, and proofreaders. It has been a pleasure working with you and learning from your insights.

We look forward to continuing to collaborate and inviting others to create more exceptional content with us. Together, let’s make a meaningful impact in our field.

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