Effective Software Development for the Enterprise – Apress (2023)

Effective Software Development for the Enterprise – Apress (2023)
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Delve into a comprehensive guide aimed at revolutionizing software development in the enterprise landscape. “Effective Software Development for the Enterprise” by Tengiz Tutisani paves the path for delivering zero-defect software that meets user expectations and scales effortlessly. This book explores the intricate weave of culture, people, and leadership within the software development process, employing methodologies and techniques from domain-driven design, software architecture, and extreme programming to achieve ambitious software delivery goals.

This pivotal read is designed for software engineers, solution architects, and engineering leaders. It provides invaluable insights into creating agile, resilient, and high-quality solutions that align with business outcomes, ensuring your projects not only meet but exceed the modern enterprise environment’s demands.

Key Takeaways

Master the delivery of software solutions that meet ambitious criteria: zero defects, scalability, and accelerated development pace.
Explore the impact of culture, people, and leadership on software development.
Learn advanced disciplines, methodologies, and techniques to build and deliver high-quality solutions.

Who This Book Is For
Designed for professional software engineers, solution architects, and those aspiring to be one. It also serves as an essential resource for software engineering leaders looking to maximize their impact through successful software project deliveries.

Praise for the Book
“A comprehensive compilation of key concepts in software development methodology… An engaging, enjoyable read.” – Tech Leader

“This is the book many of us have been waiting for… a quick read with reference links for deeper dives.” – Software Development Expert

“Provides concrete solutions to common obstacles to delivering a cost-effective and long-lived software solution.” – Solutions & Performance Architect

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