Educative – Fundamentals of DevOps [Skill Path]

Educative – Fundamentals of DevOps [Skill Path]
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DevOps is a set of practices that combine software development and IT operations. Whether you are a system admin, security specialist, or a developer, learning DevOps will shape an enhanced career path for you. This Skill Path will help you get started with DevOps and learn the fundamentals. You’ll also go through the basics of networking and learn how to automate your network. You’ll also learn different DevOps tools such as Git, GitHub, and Docker. By the end of this Skill Path, you’ll have a working knowledge of the basics of DevOps, which will allow you to move forward towards using more advanced tools.

Learning Objectives​
Get a practical understanding of network fundamentals.
Understand Git and GitHub concepts to manage your code.
Automate your network using modern techniques.
Dockerize your project by learning the fundamentals of Docker.



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