Educative – Deep Dive into System Design Interview [Skill Path]

Educative – Deep Dive into System Design Interview [Skill Path]
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System design is fundamental to building scalable systems, a core skill required for all software engineers. Your understanding of system design will determine your engineering level. This path follows the bottom-up approach and contains the foundational components a software engineer needs to prepare for the system design interview. Start with a quick refresher on the distributed systems, building blocks, and web architectures. You will learn the RESHADED pattern to design large-scale systems like Netflix, Facebook, Quora, etc. Ultimately, a machine learning system design module will prepare you with best practices to design, develop, and integrate machine learning models in production at scale.

Learning Objectives​
Review basic concepts of distributed system design.
Learn software architecture fundamentals.
Get an overview of the buidling blocks required to design a system.
Practice your system design skills.
Apply machine learning models to modern software systems.



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