Educative – Computer Science Bootcamp [Skill Path]

Educative – Computer Science Bootcamp [Skill Path]
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In our rapidly advancing digital era, the need for computer science professionals has reached unprecedented heights. Businesses across diverse sectors increasingly rely on technology to fuel innovation, making expertise in computers, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and programming skills more crucial than ever. Possessing such skills positions you at the forefront of this demand, unlocking many rewarding career opportunities. This Skill Path is meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive introduction to computer science, catering especially to those without a background in the discipline. Starting with the fundamentals of problem-solving and logical thinking in computing, this Skill Path will guide you through coding using data structures, database design and management, web application development, and professional adaptation to various software development models. Upon completing this Skill Path, you will have established a robust foundation to seamlessly transition into the software industry.

Learning Objectives​
The ability to think logically, analyze, design, and implement algorithms to solve computational problems.
Hands-on programming skills in writing efficient, readable, and reusable code leveraging object-oriented principles.
An understanding of concepts such as computer architecture, operating systems, networks, and number-based systems.
Familiarity with renowned data structures like lists, arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, and graphs.
A working knowledge of data modeling and design using SQL and NoSQL databases like MySQL and MongoDB, respectively.
An understanding of web architecture and hands-on skills in frontend, backend, and full stack web development using the MERN stack.
Familiarity with software development methodologies from the traditional Waterfall model to Agile practices.
The ability to think ethically and critically in the context of computing.



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