Educative – Advanced Techniques in Go Programming

Educative – Advanced Techniques in Go Programming
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Takeaway Skills
Familiarity with the core features of the Go language
Hands-on experience with developing Go functions and packages
Thorough understanding of advanced Go features such as reflection, interfaces, and generics
Ability to design and develop feature-rich Windows and UNIX utilities and system tools in Go
Hands-on experience with designing highly concurrent applications in Go
Ability to build REST, gRPC, and WebSocket-based servers and clients in Go

Course Overview
Go is one of the most popular programming languages today in the systems programming and networking space. Go has built-in concurrency capabilities using a simple concurrency model implemented using goroutines and channels. In addition to Go’s rich and reliable standard library, handy Go packages (cobra and viper) allow us to develop powerful command-line utilities (e.g., docker and hugo) in Go.

You will start the course by covering the basics of Go—syntax, basic and composite data types, etc.—before moving on to advanced concepts such as reflection, interfaces, functional programming, testing, and profiling. You will then learn how to communicate with UNIX, as well as how to design and build highly concurrent systems such as web services, RESTful servers, and gRPC servers.

This course will equip you with the tools and concepts to contribute to challenging and complex systems such as networking tools and servers, database systems, compilers, and interpreters



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