DVD1. 15 Vowel Sounds of American English

DVD1. 15 Vowel Sounds of American English
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“DVD1: 15 Vowel Sounds of American English” is an immersive and comprehensive educational resource designed to help learners of English master the intricacies of American English vowel sounds. Through engaging and interactive lessons, this DVD provides a deep dive into the 15 distinct vowel sounds commonly found in American English pronunciation.

Key Features:

Detailed Pronunciation Guides: Each vowel sound is meticulously explained with clear articulation and pronunciation guides, making it easy for learners to understand and replicate.

Audiovisual Examples: The DVD includes numerous audiovisual examples of native speakers demonstrating each vowel sound in various contexts, helping learners grasp the nuances of pronunciation.

Interactive Exercises: Interactive exercises and activities allow learners to practice producing each vowel sound, reinforcing learning and enhancing retention.

Comprehensive Coverage: From the short and long vowel sounds to diphthongs and r-controlled vowels, this DVD covers all aspects of American English vowel pronunciation, providing learners with a solid foundation for effective communication.

Supplementary Materials: In addition to the main lessons, the DVD offers supplementary materials such as practice worksheets, quizzes, and downloadable resources to support independent study and review.

Expert Instruction: The DVD features expert instruction from experienced English language educators, ensuring that learners receive accurate guidance and feedback throughout their learning journey

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