Dometrain – From Zero to Hero: Test-Driven Development in C#

Dometrain – From Zero to Hero: Test-Driven Development in C#
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Master the craft of Test-Driven Development from the basics to the most advanced concepts​

Test-Driven Development (or TDD for short) is one of the most essential software development practices. It is a practice based on the simple idea that instead of writing our code first and then later writing tests for it, we write our tests first, and then we write code that makes those tests pass. This approach has many advantages, from productivity gains to ensuring that our work doesn’t get out of scope to ultimately writing better, focused code with cleaner interfaces and looser coupling. TDD can change the way we think about building software. In this course, Gui Ferreira will teach you everything you need to know to practice TDD, from the most basic concepts to some very advanced ones and make it part of your software development lifecycle.



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