Domestika – Cinema 4D for Character Creation

Domestika – Cinema 4D for Character Creation
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A simple and intuitive way of learning how to use 3D software such as Cinema 4D is to focus on the creation of characters. Through the use of basic shapes and some tools, you can achieve a complete understanding of the program that will help you face increasingly complex projects.

Illustrator and 3D designer Aarón Martínez develops a complete methodology to learn how to use Cinema 4D in 6 courses, in an intuitive way, allowing for grand results in little time.

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Start by getting to know the software’s interface, as well as the differences between some versions; see different ways of navigating the program, the creation and modification of the objects, hierarchies, and more.

In the second course, get your first introduction to character design, creating them from scratch and without references, using the software’s basic tools, to create shapes and add color.

Continue learning how to create characters using fruit and vegetables as a reference, introducing tools and techniques such as symmetry, lighting, and the use of different materials.

Next, use food and packaging as your references to learn how to simplify shapes and the modeling of objects. See how to add eyes, mouths, hands, and spline projections.

In the fifth course, learn how to model animals and plants, and start to use tools such as Pose Morph to change positioning and expressions.

Let your imagination take its course in the sixth and last course of this Domestika Basics, modeling people and monsters with a variety of horns, eyes, noses, hair, and mouths.

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