Django Project: Building a Python Package – SQL Middleware | Udemy

Django Project: Building a Python Package – SQL Middleware | Udemy
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Publishing a Python Django Reusable App on PyPI

What you’ll learn
Build a Django project
Build a Django Middleware package to inspect SQL queries executed by the Django application
Prepare a Python app ready for deployment to the Python Package Index PyPI
Test a Django stand-alone app with the Pytest testing framework
Create an automated build and deployment workflow using GitHub actions

The Python Package Index (PyPI) is a software repository for the Python programming language. in this course, we teach you how to build and publish a Python package to the PyPI. The package we built and published is centred around a Django middleware tool we developed in this course. We start by learning how to build a Django project and how to inspect SQL queries executed by a Django application. We will learn the basics of Django Middleware and how to build a simple middleware component that will form our package’s basic functionality. Once we grasp the fundamentals of Django, Django middleware and how to capture SQL queries executed by Django, we move to the next phase, building a new package. In the first stages, we explore the essential files and configurations required to build a new package. We then incorporate the middleware we have built previously and build our package in preparation for being uploaded to the PyPI. The life cycle of our application does not stop after distribution. Therefore we take the following steps to automate the delivery of our app to the PyPI. We develop GitHub actions to manage the packaging and upload of the package to the PyPI. In this course, we provide an introduction to testing with Pytest, creating stand-alone Django apps to aid the testing process.

Who this course is for:
Beginners, Developers, Students, and Enthusiasts to Python programming

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