DevSecOps Bootcamp – Tech With Nana

DevSecOps Bootcamp – Tech With Nana
English | Tutorial | Size: 3.07 GB

«» Who this bootcamp is for?

This is an advanced course that builds on top of existing DevOps know-how
«» Pre-Requisites:

» Intermediate level of the following DevOps technologies and concepts:
» Be able to build a complete CI/CD Pipeline
» Docker
» Kubernetes
» Linux
» Git
» AWS Platform
» Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
» GitLab CI/CD

«» What You’ll Learn

1 – Security Essentials
Importance of Security
Security Breaches Examples
Types of Security Attacks

2 – Introduction to DevSecOps
Issues with traditional approach to Security
Understand DevSecOps
Tools for Automated Security Tests
Concept vs Role
Roles & Responsibilities in DevSecOps

3 – Build Secure CI
Vulnerability Scanning:
Pre-Commit Hooks
Visualizing, False Positive Analysis
Integrate Security Scans in a Continuous Integration Pipeline

Tools: GitLeaks, njsScan, Semgrep, Retire.js, DefectDojo, GitLab CI

4 – Build Secure Images
Docker Security Best Practices
Image Scanning in Release Pipeline
Image Scanning in Docker Registry

Tools: Trivy, Docker, AWS ECR, GitLab CI

5 – Cloud Security (AWS)
AWS Access Management (Users, Groups, Roles, Policies)
AWS Security IaC
AWS Logging and Monitoring

6 – Secure Deployment
Secure Application Deployment from Release Pipeline
AWS Systems Manager Agent (SSM)
AWS Roles for deployment
Deploying without static AWS Credentials

7 – Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
Dynamic Application Security testing
Integrate DAST tool in Release Pipeline
Fixing Dynamic Scan Findings
Baseline vs Full Scans

Tools: Zap, DefectDojo

8 – Secure Infrastructure as Code
Define Secure Infrastructure with IaC
IaC in DevSecOps
Create Release Pipeline for IaC Project using GitOps Practices
Run Security Checks for IaC code in Release Pipeline

Tools: Terraform, AWS, TFSec

9 – AWS Logging and Monitoring
Auditing with AWS CloudTrail
Monitoring and Alerting with AWS CloudWatch
Billing Alerts for cloud cost spends

10 – Securing Kubernetes & Secure Deployment to EKS
Istio Service Mesh
Secret Management
Kubernetes Secrets
HashiCorp Vault
AWS KMS and Secrets Manager
Key Kubernetes Security Practices
IAM Roles for AWS EKS, ECR
Scanning for Misconfigurations & Security Vulnerabilities
Security Policies
Open Policy Agent (OPA)
Policy as Code

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