Designing Scalable Frontend Systems | Udemy

Designing Scalable Frontend Systems | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Designing frontend for crypto orderbook.
Differences between HLD / LLD.
Know the Interviewer’s expectations.
Representing the complete HLD / LLD.
Create a complete sequence diagram.
Identifying the right tech stack.
Consideration aspects for the use case.
Leveraging generic templating mechanism.
Component-based architecture design.
Identifying components in the UI
Identifying API schema definitions.
Connection to downstream services.
Writing Pseudo code for solutioning.
Download the complete design file.

**This is the recording of a LIVE session I conducted on Designing Scalable Frontend Systems. The design file is also attached in the closing note section for your future reference**

Exactly 1 year ago, in Feb 2021, I gave an interview for the E5 ( Senior SDE ) position in Facebook, London ( React core team ) But little did I know that my dream of working with Dan Abramov would get shattered due to 1 mistake.

I neglected the design round.

I thought cracking an interview is just about showing that I can solve problems and implement features that the interviewer would ask me.​

After I failed that design round, I decided that I should become better at representing systems and focusing on various aspects that I should talk about in that specific round. I should clearly represent HLD, LLD & focus on the component architecture.

Hello, my name is Manoj Satishkumar.

I have attended interviews in 35+ companies and got selected by multiple companies including Walmart, PayPal, Oracle, Tesco, JP Morgan, and Cerner. This is a LIVE session I conducted for all the job seekers who are able to crack the coding round but are not able to crack the design round.

I am trying to shed light on what are the aspects interviewers look at in the frontend design round. We will draw in-depth HLD / LLD / Sequence block diagrams and also write pseudocode in this session.

“I wish you all the best in your upcoming interviews”

Who this course is for:
Job seekers preparing for interviews – SDE1, 2, 3, 4, SSE & TL roles
Anyone interested about frontend architecture design

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