Design a CPU 2 | Udemy

Design a CPU 2 | Udemy
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Computer Architecture Organisation and Design

What you’ll learn
Mico-Coded Control Unit Design
Addressing Modes
Assembler in Python
CPU Mertrics
Labels and Declarations
Port Mapped Input Output
Memory Mapped Input Output
The Stack
High Level Language Constructs in Assembly Language
16 Bit Machine with 90 Instructions

In this course we take what we learned from the first course and expand on the simple 8 bit design and create a 16 bit machine with a maximum of 64 instructions with each instruction having access to 4 different addressing modes. We cover port mapped i/o and memory mapped i/o. We start using a new faster more stable version of Logisim.
The hard wired control unit is replaced with a mixed hardwired and microcoded control unit. We increase the number of general purpose registers from 4 to 6 and add in a temporary register, index register , stack pointer register and floating point unit register.

We design a new assembler in python to help us write the assembly language code with our new larger instruction set.

Finally we add on a keyboard a character display and a graphics display.

The 64 Kbyte address space is split into a ROM that contains the start of an operating system and commonly used subroutines and a RAM that contains the program code and data.
If you want to know how to build a fully functioning 16 bit machine and design some cool assembly language programs then this is the course you need to take.

Don’t just read about theory and imaginary machines , build an actual machine that works. It’s the best way of learning Computer Architecture Design and Organisation.

Who this course is for:
This course is aimed at people who want to learn Computer Architecture Organisation and Design by building their very own Computer as opposed to learning from imaginary machines.

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