Demystifying Intelligent Multimode Security Systems – Apress (2023)

Demystifying Intelligent Multimode Security Systems – Apress (2023)
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This open access book serves as a practical guide to understanding Intelligent Multi-modal Security Systems (IMSS) and implementing security to enhance the robustness of devices and end-to-end solutions. With a focus on leveraging Intel hardware and software, the book reveals inside secrets for designing secure surveillance systems, showcases key applications of DSS, and catalogs security assets from Intel. Covering the use of IMSS across enterprises, homes, mobile devices, and for military, aerospace, and government entities, this guide underscores the importance of bolstering security in these systems. It offers best practices and solutions for maximizing system security, making it an essential resource for anyone involved in enterprise web development.

What You Will Learn

Review relevant technologies in surveillance systems
Define and dissect the data pipeline with a focus on key criteria, mapping this pipeline to Intel hardware blocks
Optimize the partition and future-proof it with security and manageability
Understand threat modeling terminology, the assets pertinent to DSS, emerging threats, and mitigate these threats using Intel hardware and software
Understand the unique risks and threats to the intelligence in IMSS and explore solution space for mitigations
Sample applications illustrate how to design in security for several types of IMSS
Explore ways to keep both yourself and your systems up to date in a rapidly changing technology and threat environment

Who This Book Is For
Surveillance system designers, integrators, consultants; professional systems, hardware, and software designers; security system integrators; video analytics engineers; agencies that write RFPs and/or RFIs; government, police, and security agencies; and corporate security divisions. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand and apply the principles of IMSS to their security practices.

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