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Databases Hacking For Beginners | Udemy
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Databases Ethical Hacking

What you’ll learn
Learn Databases Hacking and Assessment
Build Your Cyber Security Lab from Scratch
Practice Databases Hacking from Scratch
Use and Master Databases Hacking tools

This course is designed for beginners who want to gain practical skills in cybersecurity and ethical hacking, particularly in database hacking and assessment. Databases are a very important part of any organization or institution and the security of these databases is very very important to protect privacy and security. In this course, we will learn together how to assess the security of databases and how to find the weaknesses . Then, how to hack those databases and get access to sensitive information that one allowed to access them without permission. We will practice databases hacking in two ways. First, we will use ethical hacking tool that already available on Kali Linux. Then, we will practice databases hacking by writing SQL statement to perform SQL injection on Databases. We assume that you never launch and kind of databases hacking before, so we will start from scratch. However, if you already know how to do hacking, but you did not try to do databases hacking this course also for you because you will gain a lots of new skills. We will build our cyber security lab to practice everything in safe and legal environment. Also, we will learn some essential Linux commands in case that you did not work on Linux before. in general you will learn and practice the following in this course:

1- How to get access to databases names

2- How to access databases tables

3-How to access database columns and database infrastructures.

4-How to dump information from databases columns.

5-Get users information and passwords fromdatabases

6-Perform OS shell on databases

7-Perform php backdoor using SQLMAP

8-Learn how master using SQLMAP

9- Hack entire databases using Wizard Option.

10- Write SQL statement to perform SQL Injection on databases.

Who this course is for:
Anyone wants to learn Databases Ethical Hacking



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