Database-Driven Web Development

Database-Driven Web Development
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This book will teach you the essential knowledge required to be a successful and productive web developer with the ability to produce cutting-edge websites utilizing a database.

This updated edition starts with the fundamentals of web development before delving into Perl and MySQL concepts such as script and database modelling, script-driven database interactions, content generation from a database, and information delivery from the server to the browser and vice versa. The only skills required to get the most from this book are basic knowledge of how the Internet works and a novice skill level with Perl and MySQL. The rest is intuitively presented code that most people can quickly and easily understand and employ. An extensive selection of practical, fully functional programming constructs in six different programming languages will give you the knowledge and tools required to create eye-catching, capable, and functionally impressive database-driven websites.

Author Thomas Valentine has taken the concepts presented in the first edition of this book to new heights, offering in-depth discussions of each area of functionality required to develop fully formed database-driven web applications. He has expanded on the examples presented in the first edition and has included some very interesting and useful programming techniques for your consideration. Upon completing this book, you’ll have gained the benefit of the author’s decades worth of experience and will be able to apply your new knowledge and skills to your own projects.

What You Will Learn
Install, configure and use a trio of software packages (Apache Web Server, MySQL Database Server, and Perl Scripting Server)
Create an effective web development workstation with databases in mind
Use the PERL scripting language and MySQL databases effectively
Maximize the Apache Web Server

Who This Book Is For
Those who already know web development basics and web developers who want to master database-driven web development. The skills required to understand the concepts put forth in this book are a working knowledge of PERL and basic MySQL.



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