Data-Oriented Programming, Video Edition

Data-Oriented Programming, Video Edition [Update 10/2022]
English | Size: 758 MB
Genre: eLearning

In Video Editions the narrator reads the book while the content, figures, code listings, diagrams, and text appear on the screen. Like an audiobook that you can also watch as a video.

Eliminate the unavoidable complexity of object-oriented designs. The innovative data-oriented programming paradigm makes your systems less complex by making it simpler to access and manipulate data.

In Data-Oriented Programming you will learn how to:

Separate code from data
Represent data with generic data structures
Manipulate data with general-purpose functions
Manage state without mutating data
Control concurrency in highly scalable systems
Write data-oriented unit tests
Specify the shape of your data
Benefit from polymorphism without objects
Debug programs without a debugger

Data-Oriented Programming is a one-of-a-kind guide that introduces the data-oriented paradigm. This groundbreaking approach represents data with generic immutable data structures. It simplifies state management, eases concurrency, and does away with the common problems you’ll find in object-oriented code. The book presents powerful new ideas through conversations, code snippets, and diagrams that help you quickly grok what’s great about DOP. Best of all, the paradigm is language-agnostic—you’ll learn to write DOP code that can be implemented in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Clojure, and also in traditional OO languages like Java or C#.



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