Cybersecurity for Non-Technical Professionals

Cybersecurity for Non-Technical Professionals: How To Protect Your Personal and Professional Data
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With cyber attacks on the rise, all individuals – and especially professionals handling potentially confidential company data – should be well-versed in how to protect their information from bad actors. This video will take you through the steps you can take to protect both your private and company data.

The video will explain why cybersecurity is important on an individual and personal level, how cyber attacks have been evolving and what vulnerabilities you need to be aware of and protect. It’ll go through topics and tricks to deal with these threats and explore the costs and impact of not protecting your data.

What You Will Learn
The financial impact of (non)-action
How to deal with the evolving needs of security
How attacks and vulnerabilities are evolving in the world

Who This Video is For
Non-technical professionals who are looking to understand how they can be careful with both their personal and professional data



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