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CyberPatriot | Udemy
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National Youth Cyber Education Program

What you’ll learn
Learn about Cybersecurity and Principles of Cybersecurity
Understanding computer basics and virtualization concepts
Understand the Importance of Windows Security
Familiarize with Windows Security Features
Explore Windows Security Best Practices

CyberPatriot is an amazing program. It is a National Youth Cyber Education Program with emphasis on the national competition. In this course you will be introduced to the program, competition and basic skills needed to compete. This course should be used as a supplement to tools provided by your Coach, Technical Mentor, and resources covered in these videos. There are a great deal resources available to prepare you. Please take advantage of them.Students learn about the importance of cybersecurity and its role in protecting computer systems and networks. They gain an understanding of common threats and vulnerabilities and the basic principles of securing information. Microsoft provides a range of security tools and features to enhance the security of Windows operating systems. It’s important to keep your Windows operating system up to date and leverage these tools alongside other security best practices to maintain a secure computing environment. Cyber ethics, also known as internet ethics or online ethics, refers to the principles and guidelines that govern ethical behavior and responsible conduct in the digital world. It encompasses the moral and ethical considerations related to the use of computers, the internet, and digital technologies.

1. Introduction to CyberPatriot and cybersecurity

2. Introduction to Online Safety

3. Cyber Ethics

4. Principles of Cybersecurity

5. Computer Basics and Virtualization

6. Microsoft Windows Basic and MSDN

7. Microsoft Windows Security Tools

8. Microsoft Windows Security Configuration

9. Introduction to Linux and Ubuntu

10. Ubuntu Security Configuration

Who this course is for:
The primary target audience for the CyberPatriot program is middle school and high school students.
The program is designed to engage students in grades 6 to 12 and encourage their interest and participation in cybersecurity and technology-related fields.
CyberPatriot provides a platform for students to develop essential cybersecurity skills and gain hands-on experience through a competitive environment.

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