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Cyber Investigator Training | Udemy
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Complete Cyber Investigations Course

What you’ll learn
Fundamentals of Conducting a Cyber-Investigation
Locating Suspects by their IP Addresses
Email Crimes (spoofing, scams, threats, etc.)
Phone Spoofing
Understanding the Dark Web

This course is designed to provide students of all experience levels with comprehensive knowledge and foundational investigative skills related to Cyber-investigations. While technical concepts are discussed, we have stripped away all clunky acronymous and industry jargon in order to focus only on the aspects that are relevant to investigators to provide them with the knowledge the need to do their jobs effectively. At the con confusion of this course, you will be prepared to investigate the vast majority of cyber cases that you are likely to encounter in the real world. This is achieved by focusing on the fundamentals that exist at the core of cyber investigations.

This course is designed and taught by an industry professional, who has worked many varieties of cyber cases. Regardless of your particular field (bank fraud, child exploitation, narcotics, etc.), this training will provide you with the information you need to be an effective cyber professional!

We will cover concepts such as:

• Fundamentals of Conducting a Cyber-Investigation

• Investigating mobile transfers (Venmo, Zelle, etc.)

• Social Media Threat Investigations

• Understanding the Dark Web

• Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, etc.)

• Phone Spoofing

• How Digital Devices Communicate via the Internet

• Locating Suspects by their IP Addresses

• Hiding on the Internet (Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Proxy Servers, etc.)

• Investigating Internet-based Phone Services (VoIP)

• E-mail Crimes (spoofing, scams, threats, etc.)

Who this course is for:
Investigators / Detectives
Law Enforcement Officers
Financial / Bank Investigators

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