C# Design Patterns: Complete Guide [2023 Edition] | Udemy

C# Design Patterns: Complete Guide [2023 Edition] | Udemy
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Learn Advanced Design Patterns & Best Practices for Robust C# .NET Applications

What you’ll learn
Master C# essential design patterns. Boost your coding skills and architect scalable, efficient software.
Dive into the core of Fundamental Design Patterns: grasp the ‘WHAT’, unravel the ‘WHY’, and master the ‘HOW’
Get real world examples of design patterns usage with hands on projects for every design pattern
“Learn about common mistakes with our BONUS on AntiPatterns. Spot them, understand why they happen, and fix them
Become senior .Net developer by learning about design patterns and antipatterns
Comprehensive knowledge about limitations, comparisons, real world usage & hand on examples of design patterns using Python

Design Patterns in C# and .NET 7: A Modern Developer’s Guide with Additional AntiPatterns Exploration

Welcome to our extensive course on Design Patterns and AntiPatterns using C# and .NET 7! This course is thoughtfully structured into 14 sections, each dedicated to different design patterns, their C# implementations, practical examples, and quizzes to reinforce your learning. Let’s delve into the content of each section.

Course Highlights:

Foundational Insight: Acquire an understanding of the history and significance of design patterns and their evolution in the realm of software development.

C#-centric Approach: Integrate the fundamental principles of classic design patterns seamlessly with the robust capabilities of C# and .NET 7.

Interactive Online Editor: Engage in hands-on coding exercises within an online coding editor to enhance your practical learning experience.

Advanced Programming Techniques: Delve into modern solutions such as dependency injection and asynchronous programming, revitalizing traditional design pattern implementations.

Patterns & AntiPatterns Galore: Navigate through various design patterns while also exploring common antipatterns, gaining valuable insights into effective software design practices.

Comprehensive Resources: Gain access to all codes, slides, and a detailed PDF guide to support your learning journey.

Engaging Quizzes: Solidify your understanding and reinforce your knowledge with quizzes following each section.

In-Depth Exploration of Design Patterns:

Design patterns provide standardized solutions to common programming challenges. Originating from older programming languages, their relevance has seamlessly transitioned to modern languages such as C#.

Detailed Course Content:

Creational Patterns: Explore patterns like Builder, Factories, and Singleton, focusing on object instantiation in C#.

Structural Patterns: Analyze interconnected constructs through Adapter, Composite, Decorator, Façade, Flyweight, and Proxy patterns in C#.

Behavioral Patterns: Examine patterns such as Observer, Iterator, Command, and more, refining object interactions in C# applications.

Bonus AntiPatterns: Identify common design pitfalls, understand their consequences, and learn strategies to avoid these issues in your C# projects.

Who’s This For?

This course is a goldmine for C# enthusiasts, aspiring developers, and even experienced programmers. If you’re eager to master design patterns, comprehend their modern implementations in C# and .NET 7, and avoid common development mistakes, this course is specifically designed for you.

Interactive and Engaging Learning:

Online Coding Editor: Immerse yourself in coding within an interactive environment using our user-friendly online editor, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

Section 1: Introduction
Kickstart your journey with an overview of Design Patterns and their significance in C# software design, laying the foundation for the rest of the course.

Section 2: Creational: Singleton Pattern
Explore the Singleton Pattern, its practical implementations in C#, real-world applications, and test your knowledge with a quiz.

Section 3: Creational: Factory Method
Dive into the Factory Method Pattern with lectures, hands-on coding sessions, and practical examples. Consolidate your learning with a quiz.

Section 4: Creational: Abstract Factory
Gain practical experience coding with the Abstract Factory Pattern, compare it with the Factory Method, and test your knowledge with a quiz.

Section 5: Creational: Builder
Learn about the Builder Pattern, engage in a coding activity, understand real-world applications, and challenge your knowledge with a quiz.

Section 6: Structural: Adapter
Discover the Adapter Pattern, learn through coding examples, and solidify your understanding with a quiz.

Section 7: Structural: Composite
Explore the Composite Pattern, understand its applications through coding exercises, and test your knowledge with a quiz.

Section 8: Structural: Decorator
Dive into the Decorator Pattern, learn through practical coding exercises, and test your understanding with a quiz.

Section 9: Structural: Facade
Understand the Facade Pattern, engage in a coding activity, and consolidate your learning with a quiz.

Section 10: Behavioral: Strategy
Explore the Strategy Pattern, understand its applications through practical examples, and test your knowledge with a quiz.

Section 11: Behavioral: Observer
Delve into the Observer Pattern, engage in various coding exercises, and consolidate your learning with a quiz.

Section 12: Behavioral: Iterator
Learn about the Iterator Pattern, explore its applications through coding activities, and test your knowledge with a quiz.

Section 13: Behavioral: Command
Discover the Command Pattern, engage in a practical example, and consolidate your learning with a quiz.

Section 14: AntiPatterns
Deep dive into AntiPatterns, understand their definitions, engage in discussions and practical coding activities, and learn techniques for refactoring.

By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Design Patterns and AntiPatterns in C# and .NET 7, their implementations, and practical applications. Each section builds upon the previous, ensuring a seamless and in-depth learning experience.

Who this course is for:
New to .Net and C#? Dive in! This foundational course sets you on the right path.
Been coding in .Net adn C# for 1-4 years? Elevate your skills and step up in your career journey.
Prepping for an interview? This course is your secret weapon to shine.
Seasoned developer? Refresh and refine your design prowess with this course.
Every software engineer, no matter the stage, will find value here.





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