CreativeLighting Light Painting Nikos Nikolopoulos

CreativeLighting Light Painting Nikos Nikolopoulos
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We offer architectural visualisation courses designed by the most experienced artists and leaders in the archviz industry.
Creative Lighting is a philosophy of image-making that sees light as the primary force in imagery. It’s about learning to see and think about light as a photographer or cinematographer does and the craft of image-making as a painter would. It is an approach to image-making that favors the artist’s vision over technical knowledge. Our philosophy can be applied to any artistic or commercial challenge. Unleash your full creative potential simply by discovering the secrets and properties of light. Register now to any of our courses and get lifetime access to our member’s page with private webinars, creative tools, exclusive classes and more.
Creative Lighting fomented at Cityscape Digital’s Shoreditch studio, the brainchild of Nikos, then CGI Director and Creative Director Damian. They fought long and hard in the heat of the engine room (it was pretty small and crowded back then) over how to create visuals that were beautiful and exceptional. Turning to cinema for inspiration, the stunning world of cinematography started to present them with new possibilities. After a lot of research into the work of Roger Deakins, Pinterest boards, sketches and 3D tests, an in-house workshop was born: Creative Lighting vs. Mundane Realism. From there the philosophy took on a life of its own.

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