Coursera – Java FullStack Developer Specialization

Coursera – Java FullStack Developer Specialization
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Develop Dynamic Web Applications with Java. Master Java programming, Angular for responsive front-end web development, and Spring and Spring Boot for robust back-end systems, culminating in a comprehensive skillset to build, integrate, and deploy cloud-ready web applications.

What you’ll Learn:
• Master Java fundamentals, object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms to
write effective, efficient code.
• Leverage Angular for front-end web development. Acquire skills to design, develop, and
deploy complex, dynamic, and responsive web applications.
• Delve into building robust and scalable backend systems using Spring and Spring Boot.
Learn how to develop RESTful web services.
• Benefit from hands-on learning, applying skills to real-world scenarios to create, integrate,
and deploy cloud-ready applications.

Skills you’ll Gain:
• Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
• Spring
• Java Programming
• Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
• Data Structures
• JavaScript
• Hibernate
• Springboot
• AngularJS
• Algorithms
• Data Structure Implementation
• Java Syntax
• Web Development

Introducing the Java FullStack Developer Specialization, designed to empower your software development career by providing a comprehensive skillset for building integrated, cloud-ready web applications.

The specialization consists of three intensive courses:
1. Fundamentals of Java Programming:
• Understanding of core Java programming concepts and principles
• Proficiency in object-oriented programming principles such as inheritance,
polymorphism, and abstraction
• Gaining knowledge in advanced Java topics like multi-threading, concurrency, and the
application of common data structures

2. Front-End for Java Full Stack Development:
• Acquiring essential skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating interactive web
• Mastery of the Angular framework, including the development of reactive forms and
handling of HTTP requests
• Building and deploying complex web applications that integrate with APIs

3. Data Structures & Back-End with Java:
• Knowledge of fundamental data structures and algorithms and their implementation in
• Proficiency in server-side programming with Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP)
• Experience in connecting to databases using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and
working with industry-standard frameworks like Spring and Hibernate

By the end of this specialization, you’ll be well-versed in Java programming, dynamic front-end web development using Angular, and robust back-end system creation using Spring and Spring Boot.

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