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Core Design Skills | Flux Academy [Update 07/2023]
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Core Design Skills, Color can make or break any design project. You’ll discover how to choose colors strategically, compose palettes that are both beautiful and functional, and how to actually use color in context. One of the main things that separate professional designers from amateurs is how they work with type. You’ll learn how to source, select, and pair fonts, and most importantly: how to work with them like a pro. Imagery is one of the best ways to add depth and interest to your designs. We’ll be talking about photography, illustration, and texture: how to source them, how to layer them, and how to integrate them to your designs. This is how you go from a blank screen to beautiful design work. You’ll discover how to balance all the elements on your designs, easily identify what’s wrong with a project, and our 3-step process to kickstart your designs without white page syndrome.

What you’ll learn
How TO Create Unique Layouts
How to pick colors that create emotion
How to Use Type to create impact
How to make your images stand out

Who this course is for
This course is for anyone who wants to design a thing — no matter what that thing is and who it is for. It’s 100% focused on design principles and how to put them to practice to create beautiful work. We don’t talk about clients and freelancing at all.



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