Core Data in iOS: 1 Introduction | LinkedIn

Core Data in iOS: 1 Introduction | LinkedIn
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Core Data is a framework, which can persist objects graph to a designated store, including SQLite, XML, Binary and In-Memory. In this course, instructor Mohammad Azam prepares you to build your first Core Data app for iOS platform. Mohammad steps through how to get started with Core Data, including creating a Core Data model, initializing the Core Data manager, saving a movie, and much more. He shows you how to use the Core Data stack with various versions of iOS. Mohammad explains in depth the MVVM design pattern, including what it is, why you need it when creating applications, and how to use MVVM architecture and Web APIs. He walks you through using Core Data and MVVM together, then goes into transformable types. After explaining the one-to-many relationship, Mohammad discusses refactoring and how and when you should use refactoring, then finishes up with the details you need to know about the many-to-many relationship.




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