Container Management With Podman Made Easy and Hands-On | Udemy

Container Management With Podman Made Easy and Hands-On | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
How to manage containers using Podman
Baseline knowledge on what container are and their benefits
How to handle container networking
How to create/extend their own container images
Understand Software Containerization
Study for the EX180 exam

Podman (the POD MANager) is a tool for managing containers and images, volumes mounted into those containers, and pods made from groups of containers.

This course introduces Podman to an Absolute Beginner using really simple and easy to understand lectures. Lectures are followed by demos showing how to setup and get started with Podman.

This course will help you setup your own personal lab environment in which you can practice all the knowledge learned here.

By the end of the course you will have a solid understanding of containers are, what are the benefits of containerization and how to manage containers using the Podman Container Management tool.

With the knowledge gained here you will be able to setup your own containerized services in no time at all and make accessible even from the outside of your own host.

Additionally this course will also help you in studying for the EX180 exam from Red Hat.

This course covers a major part of the EX180 exam more specifically container Management with Podman. The EX180 exam also includes some tasks within Openshift which are not covered within this course.

During this course you will:

Learn about container architecture and its benefits

Dive into container registries, what they are and how to configure Podman to use certain registries

Run and manage containers using Podman

Pull and manage containers images using Podman

Allocate persistent storage to containers

Learn how to map ports to make your containers accessible from outside as well

Create and manage container network within Podman

Create your own container images through DockerFiles and using the Podman Build

P.S Podman is heavily similar to Docker so all the lessons in this course can be as useful with Docker as they are with Podman

Who this course is for:
System Administrators
Cloud Engineers
Students wanting to study for the EX180 exam
Students interested in containerizations




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