Connecting to Bluetooth LE with Microsoft .NET MAUI | Udemy

Connecting to Bluetooth LE with Microsoft .NET MAUI | Udemy [Update 03/2023]
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Be connected to Bluetooth with Microsoft .NET MAUI, Google Android, and/or Apple iOS

What you’ll learn
Ability to Connect to Bluetooth LE Devices with .NET MAUI
Ability to Create Bluetooth LE Servers with .NET MAUI
Ability to Scan for Bluetooth LE Devices
Ability to Connect to Bluetooth LE Devices
Connect and Read Data from a Bluetooth LE Heart Rate Monitor

It is time to become connected to Bluetooth with Microsoft .NET MAUI and C#. For years developers are shifting to development to connectable devices with Internet of the Things (IoT), Bluetooth, and several other technologies. The ultimate question is should someone hire outside consulting to jump start their project? Or do you want to take a chance to connect to your Bluetooth device on your own?

It is time to take the challenge. In this course students will develop the basic knowledge to use Microsoft .NET MAUI and open source Bluetooth libraries and/or frameworks to connect to various Bluetooth devices.

Students will be educated on the use of dependency injection that doesn’t depend on the Microsoft .NET MAUI Framework in order to keep Bluetooth code and logic clean throughout the Application.

Students will also learn how to compile the Bluetooth code using a multi-platform language that can be used on Google Android and/or Apple iOS.

Students will need to have access to the essential development tools to develop Microsoft .NET MAUI and/or Xamarin based applications in addition to proper devices to fully utilize the sample code(s) and/or follow along with the videos.

Be prepared to stun your friends and co-workers with your new knowledge on Bluetooth device connectivity with mobile devices and Microsoft .NET with the ability to write code once and target and/or compile for multiple platforms.

Who this course is for:
Developers interested in Bluetooth LE Development
Developers interested in the transfer of data and files over Bluetooth LE
Developers working on mobile applications that connect to Bluetooth LE devices

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