Complete Unreal Engine 5 Mastery | Udemy

Complete Unreal Engine 5 Mastery | Udemy
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for Architects and Interior Designers – Beginner to Advanced

What you’ll learn
The latest version of the unreal engine 5
Different types of lighting
Creating different types of materials from scratch
Full tutorial on getting the exe output and checking all the bugs
Animation and Scene Setting

Unreal engine is one of the most advanced real-time 3D graphic tools for rendering which is used in animation, materialization, lighting, … in architecture. This software has attracted the attention of many architects, designers even employers in recent years. This popularity is for a remarkable ability to produce things quickly that makes the employer delighted.

Animation is one of the most powerful techniques to provide architecture projects which will make your work stand out from others in the market.

The features of the Unreal Engine:

Free license worldwide

How to download and install the software

Unreal engine plugins (Nanite)

Plugins that make projects work faster and more attractive.

Advanced lighting system (lumen)

You can see quick changing; Unreal Engine will show you the scene in real-time rendering.


The ability to link with other 3d software like 3dmax, Revit, Sketchup, or Rhino to unreal engine.

Create a menu and Autorun

To introduce your project, you can create professional autoruns


Change scene materials or objects, no previous Unreal or coding experience is needed.

Ability to model UVW to Unwrap

You can edit your modeling and change the UVW easily.

Where do I start to work with Unreal Engine?

Initial familiarity with modeling concepts in 3dmax, Revit, Rhino and Sketchup, or other modeling software is required.

Unreal Engine software allows you to import a complete V-ray or Corona scene with materials into Unreal Engine, create materials and lighting, and finally send the Exe file output to the employer. The employer has the possibility of entering the project environment, and changing the materials and objects.

The course will cover the following topics in thorough detail:

The latest version of the unreal engine (5)

basic familiarity with the software.

How to install the software.

importing projects into the unreal engine from various modeling software.


Object-oriented programming and how to put it into practice.


Learning different types of lighting for example:

Advanced lighting

Interior area lighting

Exterior area lighting

Day and night lighting




Learning different types of materials from scratch:

Create material master

PBR material

Mega scan material bank

unreal material

Quixel material

Instances material

EXE output

Full tutorial on getting the exe output and checking all the bugs


Create animation

The scene Setting

Animation diverse exits

Who this course is for:
3D designers and Architects
Anyone interested in real-time rendering
Designed for those who want to become superior in rendering
No programming experience required



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