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Complete Introduction to 3D Environment Art | Udemy [Update 05/2024]
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Complete Introduction to 3D Environment Art is an introductory 3D environment art course published by Udemy Online Academy. 3D environment art is the art of creating immersive and detailed virtual worlds for video games, movies, and other digital media. This art form combines technical skill and creative vision to design scenery, structures, and settings that enhance the storytelling and gameplay experience. Environmental artists use a variety of software tools to model, texture, light, and render 3D environments that captivate and engage audiences. Through meticulous design, modeling, texturing, and optimization, environment artists create engaging settings that enhance story, gameplay, and viewer engagement.

In this introductory training course, you will get to know the concepts, principles and tools used in 3D environmental art. With this course you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of techniques used in the industry, including modeling, sculpting, creating procedural and unique textures, surface art, lighting and compositing, creating foliage and more. This training allows you to learn the techniques in the software that you are most familiar with and makes the learning process more efficient and effective. After completing this training course, you will be familiar with the world of 3D environmental art and will be able to walk in this field.

What you will learn in Complete Introduction to 3D Environment Art:
Creating a 3D environment from start to finish
Create environment using any 3D modeling software
How to create modular environments in Unreal Engine 5
Basic principles of 3D environment and proposal art
And …



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