Complete App in SwiftUI 4, iOS 16.4 using MVVM and CoreData | Udemy

Complete App in SwiftUI 4, iOS 16.4 using MVVM and CoreData | Udemy
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Build Complete Favorite Places App from scratch using SwiftUI

What you’ll learn
Students will learn iOS Development
Students will learn SwiftUI App Development
Students will learn Core Data
Students will learn MVVM

SwiftUI is a modern framework for building user interfaces across Apple platforms. It provides a declarative syntax for defining UI elements and their behavior, allowing for simpler and more concise code. SwiftUI also supports a reactive programming paradigm, making it easy to create dynamic and interactive interfaces.

Core Data is a powerful and flexible framework for managing persistent data in an iOS or macOS application. It allows developers to store and retrieve data from a SQLite database, and provides features such as data validation, relationships, and migration.

MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) is a design pattern that facilitates the separation of concerns in an application’s architecture. In this pattern, the Model represents the data and logic, the View displays the UI elements, and the ViewModel acts as the intermediary between the Model and the View, providing data and managing user interactions.

When using SwiftUI and Core Data together, the MVVM pattern can be applied to create a robust and scalable architecture. The ViewModel can communicate with the Core Data stack to fetch and store data, and the View can update automatically based on changes to the ViewModel’s state. This allows for a highly responsive and efficient user interface, while keeping the business logic and data management separate and organized. Overall, the combination of SwiftUI, Core Data, and MVVM can result in a powerful and modern app development experience.

In this course, you will learn to SwiftUI, Core Data and MVVM design pattern by building real app.

Who this course is for:
Students will learn iOS Development using SwiftUI 4, iOS 16 & MVVM Design Pattern and Core Data

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