CNN – Tricky Dick (2019) The Will to Win

CNN – Tricky Dick (2019) The Will to Win
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How do you know the true nature of a President? How did Richard Nixon become Tricky Dick? Meet the real “Tricky Dick” through his own words and get an inside look at America’s 37th President Nixon’s life and career with newly released footage in a CNN Original Series.
The 37th President of the United States was a controversial figure, whose career started from humble beginnings, reached the top of politics and met a humiliating end tarnished by the Watergate scandal. What did Richard Nixon’s presidency leave for posterity, and did power blind him?
Until recently, Richard Nixon bore the distinction of being the most notorious US president. “Tricky Dick” probes Richard Nixon’s life and times; tracking his rise, fall, incredible comeback and political destruction during some of America’s most tumultuous decades. From his early political maneuvers in California, to the game-changing Kennedy-Nixon debates through his disgraceful Watergate exit, featuring never-before-broadcast rare footage and audio recordings of the 37th president, this fully archive based series offers fresh insight into a riveting story of politics, power and scandal.

Executive Producer & Director Mary Robertson ; Left/Right, LLC. Production for Cable News Network, Inc.

Part 1: The Will to Win
To understand the dramatic rise and unprecedented fall of Richard Nixon, one must look to his beginnings. Raised by a family with modest means in a childhood beset by tragedy, Richard Nixon learns early to recognize opportunity where he can and, perhaps more importantly, how to seize it. His years as a serious student give way to a promising political career. But Nixon’s meteoric rise is marked by aggressive political tactics, a resentment of the elite, and an unbridled will to win. His early political life climaxes with a dramatic showdown for the presidency against John F. Kennedy.

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