Cloud Observability in Action – Manning Publications (2023)

Cloud Observability in Action – Manning Publications (2023)
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Don’t fly blind. Observability gives you actionable insights into your cloud native systems-from pinpointing errors, to increasing developer productivity, to tracking compliance. Cloud Observability in Action teaches you to set up an observability system using free and open source tools, learning from cloud application’s signals, logging, and monitoring.

What You Will Learn

Apply observability in cloud native systems
Understand observability signals, including their costs and benefits
Good practices around instrumentation and signal collection
Deliver dashboarding, alerting, and SLOs/SLIs at scale
Choose correct signal types for specific roles or tasks
Pick the right observability tool for any function
Communicate observability benefits to management

About the Technology
Cloud native systems comprise hundreds of moving parts. When issues arise, knowing the problem’s location, nature, and resolution is crucial. This book goes beyond traditional monitoring, explaining observability systems that turn application telemetry into actionable insights.

About the Book
Cloud Observability in Action introduces observability in cloud-based serverless and Kubernetes environments. Learn to use OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, and Grafana to build an observability system, gaining insights from telemetry signals like logs, metrics, traces, and profiles, along with a cost-benefit analysis for observability investments.

What’s Inside

Observability in and of cloud native systems
Dashboarding, alerting, and SLOs/SLIs at scale
Signal types for any role or task
Open source observability tools

Target Audience
For application developers, platform owners, DevOps, and SREs.

About the Author
Michael Hausenblas is a Product Owner in the AWS Open Source Observability team.

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