Cloud Computing in a Weekend – Learn AWS | Udemy

Cloud Computing in a Weekend – Learn AWS | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
You will Learn Cloud Computing
You will Learn AWS Fundamentals
You will Learn to Choose AWS Service for your use case
You will Learn Best Practices in Cloud Computing and AWS

Do you think Cloud Computing is difficult?

How about Getting Started with Learning Cloud Computing with AWS in a Weekend?

No prior experience with Cloud Computing is expected!

Are you ready to take the defining step of your career? Are you ready to get started on the amazing journey to learn AWS?

We are here to help you start your journey to AWS in a step by step approach.

I’m Ranga Karanam. I’m the founder of in28minutes and creator of some of the worlds most popular courses on Cloud and DevOps. I’m certified on multiple clouds – Azure, GCP and AWS and I’ve helped a MILLION learners around the world acquire new tech skills.

Cloud courses can be boring with tons of theory and Zero practice. I’m a great believer that the best way to learn is by doing and we designed this course to be hands-on. You will play with a number of AWS services related to compute, storage, databases, networking, machine learning and analytics. You will understand some of the emerging technology trends – containers, container orchestration, serverless, big data, devops and more.. And by the end of the course, you will have a great overview of AWS – a leading cloud services platform.

At in28minutes, we want to teach you the skills that stand the test of time.

There are three important things that you would need to understand about Cloud Computing:

1) The most popular cloud platforms today are AWS and Azure. This might be different a few years down the line. However, Cloud is here to stay. Once you understand cloud well, you will be able to use your skills on AWS, Azure or any cloud platform.

Lesson 1 : Focus on understanding Cloud. AWS becomes easy to learn.

2) Gartner predicts a multi cloud world soon. Each enterprise will use multiple clouds – AWS, Azure etc. Who would have the most value in the enterprise? You. Because you understand multiple clouds!

Lesson 2 : Be Future Ready

3) Architectures are going Cloud Neutral – Serverless, Microservices, Containers and Container Orchestration. It is very important to understand these trends.

Lesson 3 : Be prepared for a Cloud Neutral Future and have practical cloud skills to go along with most popular architectures.

Are you ready to get started on the amazing journey to learn AWS?

Do you want to join 1 MILLION learners having Amazing Learning Experiences with in28Minutes?

Look No Further!

Who this course is for:
You want to learn Cloud Computing
You want to learn AWS




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