Clean Code Fundamentals | Pearson

Clean Code Fundamentals | Pearson
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Expanded Edition (Updated February 2022)

Updated with episodes from SOLID Principles and Advanced TDD in the Clean Code Fundamentals series from Clean Coders by “Uncle Bob” Martin. New episodes include: The Dependency Inversion Principle, Solid Case Study, Clean Tests, Test Design, Test Process, and Mocking Parts 1 – 2.

The Clean Code Video Series contains selected episodes from Uncle Bob’s Clean Code series at, including:
Clean Code Fundamentals
SOLID Principles
Advanced TDD
Design Patterns
Behavior Driven Development
Clean Coder

Get ready for something very different. This ain’t no screen cast. This ain’t no talkin’ head lecture. This is an Uncle Bob Video! This is like watching Uncle Bob on stage, but more so. This is high content education that will hold your attention and stimulate your thoughts with its impactful and energetic style.



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