Cisco WLC 9800 QoS AVC Multicast and TACACS Labs ENWLSI | Udemy

Cisco WLC 9800 QoS AVC Multicast and TACACS Labs ENWLSI | Udemy
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Cisco WLC 9800 Advanced Topics QoS AVC Multicast and TACACS Labs With Cisco ISE For ENWLSI ENCOR CCNA 9800 CAC AVC mDNS

What you’ll learn
WLC 9800 GUI
WLC 9800 QoS Configuration
WLC 9800 Multicast Configuration
WLC 9800 TACACS Configuration
Cisco ISE TACACS Configuration For WLC 9800

Welcome to Cisco WLC 9800 QoS AVC Multicast and TACACS Labs course. You will learn how to configure Cisco’s latest Wireless Lan Controller 9800-CL for QoS scenarios for Voice traffic, Auto-QoS, Wireless QoS policy tags, SIP-CAC and AVC, then you will also learn Wireless Multicast for mDNS, Multicast Direct and Media Stream, lastly we will finish our discussion with WLC and Cisco ISE integration and then you will learn how to configure TACACS with Cisco ISE.

We will go over the steps of how to configure WLC 9800-CL for different technologies such as QoS, Multicast and then we will learn the integration with Cisco ISE for TACACS configuration.

Configure WLAN QoS Policy For Voice Traffic

Configure Enterprise Auto-QoS For Policies

Configuring Precious Metal Policies For WLANs

Configuring QoS Policy Tag and Applying Policy Tag

Configuring SIP-CAC

Configure to Drop A Protocol With AVC and Verify The Connection

How To Enable AVC and Monitor Applications on WLC

Prepare WLC For The mDNS Lab

How To Stream Video From A PC

Prepare Client PC to Receive Multicast Video Stream From A PC

Improving Video Stream By Enabling Multicast Direct

Enabling Media Stream on WLAN and WLC

Confguring AVC Policy with DSCP Marking For ICMP Traffic

Configuring AP in Sniffer Mode

Qos Packet Capture and DSCP Value Verification

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Network Engineers
Network Administrators
Wireless Network Engineers
Wireless Network Technicians
System Admins
System Technicians
Wireless Field Engineers



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