Cisco Nexus & UCS Manager Data Center Lab Course For DCTECH | Udemy

Cisco Nexus & UCS Manager Data Center Lab Course For DCTECH | Udemy
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The Course You Need For Data Center Fundamentals Cisco Nexus UCS Manager Labs DCTECH DCCOR

What you’ll learn
-You will have great exposure to CCNA Data Center 200-150 DCICN Nexus Labs
-You will get better at your job which involves Cisco Data Center devices.
-You will be able to analyze and troubleshoot problems with your Cisco Data Center devices.
-You will have great understanding for your daily profession.
-You will start learning how to implement certain topics on Nexus , UCS Manager , NX-OS

Welcome to Cisco Nexus & UCS Manager Data Center Lab Course Cisco Data Center Networking Nexus UCS Manager Labs Course DCICN.
In this course you will learn how to perform necessary configurations for Cisco Nexus & UCS Manager and important and useful subjects for your profession.
Lets go over each chapter and go on more detail about what to come in this course.

Lab 1 Focusing on Windows ipconfig command

Lab 2 Focusing on Linux ifconfig command

Lab 3 Observing Windows arp command output

Lab 4 Inspecting packets on Wireshark for arp and ping command outputs

Lab 5 Observing output of Linux arp command

Lab 6 Inspecting DNS traffic for Windows

Lab 7 Inspecting traceroute packet for Windows on Wireshark

Lab 8 Observing output of traceroute command on Linux

Lab 9 DHCP Configuration and Static IP Configuration

Lab 10 Netstat command and Wireshark packets

Lab 11 Netstat command and Wireshark packets part2

Lab 12 Introduction to NX-OS

Lab 13 Continuing on NX-OS

Lab 14 Configuring Vlans and Switchports on NX-OS

Lab 15 Configuring STP on NX-OS

Lab 16 Configuring Port-channel on NX-OS

Lab 17 Configuring Layer 3 Interfaces on NX-OS

Lab 18 Configuring Layer 3 Port-channels on NX-OS

Lab 19 Configuring OSPF on NX-OS

Lab 20 Configuring EIGRP on NX-OS

Lab 21 Configuring HSRP on NX-OS

Lab 22 Configuring AAA on NX-OS

Lab 23 Configuring ACLs on NX-OS

Lab 24 Configuring VSANs on NX-OS

Lab 25 Configuring FLOGI and FCNS on NX-OS

Lab 26 Configuring Zoning on NX-OS

Lab 27 UCS Manager Equipment Tab

Lab 28 UCS Manager Server Tab

Lab 29 UCS Manager LAN Tab

Lab 30 UCS Manager SAN Tab

Lab 31 UCS Manager VM Tab

Lab 32 UCS Manager Storage Tab

Lab 33 UCS Manager Admin Tab

Veyhurdam Dikmen

CCIEx2, RS & Wireless

Who this course is for:
I designed this course for you, the one with CCNA Data Center knowledge and a great deal of curiosity for the Data Center and Routing & Switching world. You want to pass CCNA Data Center exam first time or you want to study CCNA Data Center from lab videos.

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