Cisco CCST Networking – Video Training Series | Udemy

Cisco CCST Networking – Video Training Series | Udemy
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Get ready to CRUSH your Cisco CCST Networking exam!

What you’ll learn
This course is designed to fully prepare you for Cisco’s CCST Networking exam
Fundamental networking concepts
How to use the iPerf utility
Network models and protocols
Cloud computing basics
IPv4 addressing
IPv4 subnetting
IPv6 addressing
Network cable types
Wireless networks
Checking network connectivity
Working with network infrastructure devices
Ethernet switching
Cisco IOS
Diagnosing network issues
Using Wireshark
Network security
Exam preparation strategies

** Get Ready to Crush Your Cisco CCST Networking Exam **

In January of 2023, Cisco introduced their brand new CCST Networking exam. CCST Networking is an entry-level, and not only do you earn your CCST Networking certification by passing one exam, your CCST Networking certification NEVER EXPIRES! And the good news is, this course gives you everything you need to prepare for the CCST Networking exam.

This CCST Networking course covers every single topic on Cisco’s CCST Networking exam blueprint.

Guiding you through your entire journey is award-winning instructor and CCIEx2 Lifetime Emeritus #7945 Kevin Wallace. Kevin has authored multiple Cisco Press books, was an award-winning speaker at Cisco Live, and was a network designer at Walt Disney World.

Animations, demonstrations, memory aids, and real-life stories all come together in this course to create the connective tissue you need to understand the interrelationships between all of the topics on the CCST Networking exam blueprint.

You’ll validate your learning with quiz questions after each course module.

What You’ll Get:

9.5 hours of instruction from Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 Lifetime Emeritus #7945 covering every topic on Cisco’s CCST Networking exam blueprint

14 graded module quizzes

Downloadable and printable PDFs of the module quizzes, including detailed explanations

What Other Students Are Saying:

“Kevin’s delivery, content, clarity & style is unrivaled in my opinion.” ise_nut_will

“I strongly recommend Kevin Wallace training programs. Back in 2019 when I started following Kevin, I was able to pass both my CCNA R/S and CCNA Security in a span of 8 months.” Jean-Paul C.

“The explanation of QoS drop probability using a Styrofoam cup will live with me forever. Genius.” Robert H.

“Yesterday I passed CCNP Switch! Hardest Cisco exam I have taken… Thank you so much kwallaceccie you are awesome!” Kjetil H.

“Fantastic class with one of the best Cisco teachers I have encountered.” – Bob R.

Who this Course is for:

Anyone wishing to enter the networking field

Any IT professional wanting to earn their first Cisco certification

IT professionals that work with Cisco routers, switches, and wireless networks

Who this course is for:
Beginners interested in Cisco networking
Anyone entering the IT field
IT professionals wanting to earn their first Cisco certification
Anyone pursuing Cisco’s CCST Networking certification



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