Chess Duels by Everyman Chess & GM Yasser Seirawan

Chess Duels by Everyman Chess & GM Yasser Seirawan
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In Chess Duels, GM Seirawan offers riveting tales of his encounters with the most brilliant chess players the world has known. You’ll learn about the world champions of modern chess history as they were both over the board and away from the board. GM Seirawan allows us a deep look into not only the playing styles of world champions like Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Tal, Anatoly Karpov, and Boris Spassky, but also insights into their larger-than-life personalities through amusing anecdotes and recollections.

With his celebrated reputation in the chess community, GM Seirawan offers a unique perspective and commentary on major events and figures in chess history. You’ll get behind-the-scenes information like you wouldn’t anywhere else. He covers:

♚ The disappearance and return of Bobby Fischer
♚ What it’s like to prepare for a world championship match with Victor Korchnoi
♚ Garry Kasparov’s split and reunification with FIDE
♚ And other unbelievable stories about the top chess players of the 20th century

And by upgrading to video, you’ll get exclusive footage found only on Chessable, where Yasser tells some of his most interesting tales not in the book. And over the 30+ hours of video content, you’ll get Yasser’s most vivid descriptions on what the world champions were really like.

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