ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for UX Design | Udemy

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for UX Design | Udemy
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Master ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Seamless UX and AI Integration in Product Design

What you’ll learn
Master ChatGPT and the fundamentals of prompt engineering to leverage it for UX design tasks.
Master ChatGPT to speed up UX design in an industry-standard manner.
Leverage ChatGPT to streamline the user research process, expediting insights gathering.
Leverage ChatGPT to generate compelling content and screen flows, captivating users with your products or services
Leverage ChatGPT to enhance user testing and feedback analysis, enabling more efficient design iterations.
Leverage ChatGPT to ensure the accessibility of products, allowing user-friendly experience for individuals with diverse needs

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for UX Designers would serve as an illuminating guide to teach you how to design and generate effective prompts for the sophisticated language model, ChatGPT.

This course is a perfect fit for all skill levels. If you are a novice seeking to broaden your design skills or a seasoned UX designer striving to stay ahead with the latest in AI advancements, this course aims to teach you how to leverage AI in your traditional UX design process. Instead of simply giving you prompts, we will focus on the process needed to generate useful prompts that would enhance our UX design process – don’t wait for other UX designers to generate a prompt for you!

Throughout the course, you’ll be engaged in short and concise lectures that reinforce your understanding of ChatGPT and its applications in UX design. You’ll get to experience first-hand how effectively designed prompts can elicit detailed and nuanced responses, creating an engaging and interactive user experience.

Upon completion of this course, you’ll have established a robust foundation in ChatGPT prompt engineering. You’ll walk away equipped with the knowledge and hands-on skills required to leverage ChatGPT in your typical UX design process.

*Note that this course is NOT about how to design for artificial intelligence, but about how to leverage AI in our UX design process.

Embark on this transformative learning journey and equip yourself with a cutting-edge skillset that is increasingly becoming an essential tool in the UX design realm!

Who this course is for:
UX Designer
Product Designer
UX/UI Designer

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