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ChatGPT for IT Workers | Udemy
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Make your IT job easier!

What you’ll learn
Use ChatGPT for scripting
Use ChatGPT for networking
Use ChatGPT for migrations
Use ChatGPT as a Systems Admin
Use ChatGPT for troubleshooting
Use ChatGPT for for the cloud
Use to create policies, procedures, and documentation

This may be the most useful course you have ever taken! ChatGPT and AI are revolutionizing all industries. ChatGPT is perhaps the largest single step in the technology industry, ever! ChatGPT has been designed to generate human-like responses to natural language input, with the purpose of assisting and communicating with humans. The benefits are enormous to all industries, especially the IT industry!

This course is designed for IT technical professionals who work with or alongside IT departments or technology teams. The course aims to provide students with an understanding of how ChatGPT can be used while completing daily job tasks

The course will cover a range of topics that ChatGPT can assist with, including scripting, networking, security, cloud, troubleshooting, migrations, creating policies and procedures, and more.

Throughout the course, students will gain practical knowledge and skills through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios that they can run in their own environment.

Demonstrations using ChatGPT include:

Creating a Powershell script

Creating a Python script

Troubleshooting powershell script errors

Troubleshooting error and warning messages

Generating steps to create users in Azure

IP subnetting

Generating Cisco commands

Creating IT support policies

Creating Standard Operating Procedure documentation

Creating disaster recovery plans

Generating knowledge base articles

All of the above will be completed using ChatGPT!

By the end of the course, students will be able to use ChatGPT effectively to complete common and complex tasks.

Who this course is for:
IT workers that will benefit from ChatGPT

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