ChatGPT: Build a Chatbot with the new OpenAI API in Python! | Udemy

ChatGPT: Build a Chatbot with the new OpenAI API in Python! | Udemy
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Master the API by 03/01/2023 with ChatGPT-Turbo! Create an AI ChatBOT with Context and Message History in just Python!

What you’ll learn
Learn how to use the version of the API that OpenAI released on 01/03/2023 providing the Super GPT-3.5 Turbo!
Create Apps in Python with just a few lines of code using Streamlit!
Create your Own Chat inside Your App using ChatGPT, now with Context and Memory! Yes this is possible starting from 03/01/2023.
Master the Latest Version of OpenAI’s Artificial Intelligence API that is Revolutionizing the World
Get the necessary knowledge to generate any kind of content (articles, posts, copys) and go beyond, now you can exchange ideas with AI and refine your demands.
Learn how to use the Memory and Context of the ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo from 01/03/2023, through OpenAI’s API, and get the key to stay ahead in this revolution!
Learn without complexity with Few Lines of Python Code.
Build the Environment from Scratch, step by step, from Installing Python, creating the Virtual Environment, to having your own Super Chat using ChatGPT 3.5 Turb
Save the generated content in a docx file and edit it in your favorite software. Add even more value to your work!

On March 1st, 2023, OpenAI released what everyone had been anxiously awaiting, the latest version of its API with GPT-Turbo 3.5. This is the exact same model being used by ChatGPT, including the ability to handle Context and Message History!

Now our possibilities that were already enormous have grown exponentially!

It is now possible to exchange ideas with artificial intelligence within our own projects. Here we will learn how to create web applications with Python and with few lines of code. Most importantly, without complexity using the Streamlit package.

With this, we can trigger the new version of the OpenAI API and use the ChatGPT Turbo. Emphasizing that, now we can work with Context and Memory from our apps. That is, we are able to Build a Super ChatBOT!

We can ask a post or an instigating copy to be generated about a certain topic, analyze the answer and, in the same conversation context, ask for improvements or more items and details.

For example:

“Generate 5 bullets points (key topics) about how to make money with Digital Marketing”

We receive the answer and then:

“Create short posts (or copies, articles, etc … the possibilities are vast) about each of the topics”

We receive the answer and then:

“Now create a text with about 300 words about the 5 topics”

It can be about Digital Marketing, about Python Programming, about Diets, about Outer Space, etc…

The possibilities are endless and with the tool that we will learn to build we will have the key to venture into this universe of opportunities.

Take advantage of the opportunity, be ahead and stand out.

Who this course is for:
All those who want to be at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence revolution promoted by OpenA! with ChatGPT.

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