Channel 4 – The Real Casanova (2003)

Channel 4 – The Real Casanova (2003)
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This documentary explores the man behind the myth and paints a vivid portrait of the 18th-century Venetian, but one that’s far removed from his popular reputation.
Casanova lived in the fast lane and devoted himself to pleasures of every conceivable kind. It was a life full of drama, adventure and, of course, romance and sex. Casanova emerges as a complex figure and one that, far from being a heartless cheat, was something of a ‘new man’, who treated women with honesty and respect – and knew exactly what they wanted in bed.
What can be said about Casanova? Writer, seducer, poet, socialite, philosopher, friend of royalty, Mozart and Voltaire, wit, playwright, lover of life, man on the run. His life was more colourful than the most far-fetched tale and he was a lover and seducer as well as loved and seduced himself.
Giacomo Casanova has long been hailed as a lustful beast, bedding as many women as he could. He consorted with figures across the spectrum – from prostitutes and pimps, to kings, queens and popes. He lived a life of adventure, comedy and drama and raised questions about human relationships and sexuality that are still relevant today. How has our view of him changed in these modern times?

Directed by Neil Rawles ; Darlow Smithson Productions

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