CGMA – Fundamentals of Architecture Design with Tyler Edlin

CGMA – Fundamentals of Architecture Design with Tyler Edlin
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This is a project-based course during which students will weekly be given assignments found typically in the entertainment industry. Each week focuses on using different architectural styles and building mini projects from them that utilize a different design principle. We will start out simple, but by the end of the term students will have a thorough understanding of various architectures, core design principles, and many aspects of visual development such as production sketches, interior and exterior shots, environmental storytelling, as well as prop design and layout.

Students will come away not only as better designers but have a stronger sense of world cultures, understand how the production pipeline works, and see how visual development plays a role crafting meaningful designs that are used to sell an idea or product.

Course Format

Skills Level

8 weeks

Environment Sketching and good digital painting skills; Perspective course, Fundamentals of Environment Design course; Foundation & Design Program recommended

Photoshop/Wacom Tablet or Equivalent Recommended Texts: The Grammar of Architecture

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