CGCircuit – Multi Layered Destruction in Houdini

CGCircuit – Multi Layered Destruction in Houdini
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In this course, we will learn how to create a detailed simulation of a car driving through a wall.

Designed for beginner and intermediate students, we will specifically look at how to install Quixel’s bridge in order to use a Megascans asset to build our wall. We will also look at a couple of ways to implement ACES in Houdini for professional color management control.

We will look at creating a reusable digital asset to make a brick wall complete with UV’s and surface detail. We will then take this asset and make a set complete, with windows and a door.

We will fracture everything and then set up the simulation with sophisticated use of constraints.

Next, we will add multiple different layers of details by utilizing various techniques.
These will be particle simulations, Pyro simulations for airfields and dust and we will also look at emitting RBD’s to add additional small pieces.

We will then look at USD and SOLARIS in order to set up the scene for rendering.

We will then look at using materialX and the new XPU pyro shader so that we can utilize the new (beta) XPU feature

Duration: 11h 45m 14s
Resolutio: 1920×1080

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