CGCircuit – Mastering Ziva Dynamics

CGCircuit – Mastering Ziva Dynamics
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In this online course, you will learn proven studio workflows for creating, migrating, and optimizing a Ziva Dynamics Muscle system for your characters. Muscle Systems are incredibly complex networks and require a large amount of simulation time. Regardless of the speed of your computer, the ability to , run faster simulations, and control the behavior of your character through an intelligent rig breakout process will be the key to address client notes quicker and in a more efficient, optimized workflow.

We’ll start with the fundamentals of Ziva, and then progress onto the possibilities of the software outside of muscle development. We’ll also learn how to create powerful Python tools to assist our fellow artists in the pipeline. Lastly, we’ll learn how to migrate an existing muscle rig to another character cutting our setup time in half. At the end of this tutorial, you’ll have mastered creating an efficient workflow from Modeling to Rigging to Animation to Simulation and finally Compositing the mesh together in an incredibly fast non wrap solution for multiple levels and execution of Art Direction. The goal of this workflow is to confidently and precisely adjust your character’s look at the correct stage to yield the fastest and most fruitful result for your audience.

With that said, this course is designed for Intermediate Maya use. While I will be providing Python files and scenes so you can follow along, we will be moving quickly to cover the wealth of functionality Ziva has to offer. However, fear not, We will be breaking down each step in a logical, concise, and clear fashion that will be easy to understand regardless of your coding, rigging, or previous muscle experience.

It’s important to note that creating any type of muscle is a great undertaking. While you will learn how to master Ziva and create efficient tools to get your shot completed more quickly, it is imperative to imagine the overhead for creating this workflow, setting up our character, running simulations, and compositing our mesh together before deciding if Ziva is right for you. We’ll help you answer that question in the first few videos overviewing this plugin.

If you put the effort in, you can expect to create characters and creatures from films like “The Meg” and “Justice League”, but within Episodic and Commerical timelines. My name is Noah Schnapp and I’ll be your guide through this deep dive of Ziva Dynamics.

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