CCNA: Complete Routing Protocols Course + FREE book | Udemy

CCNA: Complete Routing Protocols Course + FREE book | Udemy
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Learn all common routing protocols + get a FREE network engineering book!

What you’ll learn
CCNA 200-301 common routing protocols
Quizzes to strengthen your knowledge

The CCNA 200-301 Routing Protocols Course + FREE engineer’s book is the ultimate routing protocol course for your CCNA exam prep because it covers the details of the most commonly used routing protocols through lectures and hands-on labs. In this course we begin by learning the foundations of device connectivity and IP addressing, and then move on to apply each routing protocol using real-world configurations. In addition, you will learn protocol-specific commands to accurately and efficiently troubleshoot each routing protocol.

Like all of my courses here on Udemy, we begin with the basics and move upward in a logical order into more advanced concepts and configurations. That way, you maintain a strong foundation upon which to build higher knowledge.

This course also comes with a FREE digital copy of my CCNA study book “On the Command Line” featuring 100 of the most common commands and configurations used by network engineers. Each is shown line-by-line, with diagrams, and real screenshots. This book is great for studying, and also makes an excellent on-the-job reference manual.

In this course you will learn:

How to set up hands-on networking labs in Packet-Tracer

What Routing Protocols are and what they do

Routing protocol categories

Configuring RIP version 1

Verifying proper operation of RIP version 1

Troubleshooting RIP version 1

Key RIP facts to prepare for your CCNA exam

Configuring RIP version 2

Verifying proper operation of RIP version 2

Troubleshooting RIP version 2

Configuring OSPF

Verifying proper operation of OSPF

Troubleshooting OSPF

Key OSPF facts to prepare for your CCNA exam

Configuring EIGRP

Verifying proper operation of EIGRP

Troubleshooting EIGRP

Key EIGRP facts to prepare for your CCNA or Network+ exams

Take quizzes to strengthen your knowledge retention

This thorough and detailed course requires effort and intense dedication to complete. But you can do it, and at its conclusion you will have built a strong foundation of knowledge as to how these protocols work and what details to remember for your exams.

Who this course is for:
For all CCNA exam candidates.
Network+ exam candidates
Anyone interested in network engineering



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