CBT Nuggets – Intermediate JavaScript Tutorial Working with Text and Words

CBT Nuggets – Intermediate JavaScript Tutorial Working with Text and Words
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If you’re a software developer or engineer looking to enhance your skills, you should take this intermediate JavaScript training. This training assumes familiarity with JavaScript basics and shows you how to manipulate and analyze textual data.

If you’ve ever texted a friend or used a search engine, you’ve already used many of the tools we’ll be discussing in this course, such as autocomplete features and text generators. By using this course, you’ll learn how to write code that can analyze text, find patterns within that text, parse strings, and write code that can make sense of those substrings.

Take your professional growth to the next level and learn how to work with text and words using JavaScript.

This intermediate JavaScript course covers topics including:
• Understanding Markov chains
• Scaling an application up at need
• Parsing and labeling parts of speech in JavaScript strings
• Improving your JavaScript programming abilities by working with anagrams

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