CBT Nugget – AWS Tutorial Automating Developer Tools Tutorial

CBT Nugget – AWS Tutorial Automating Developer Tools Tutorial
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This advanced AWS developer tools training prepares learners to automate the time-consuming, error-prone, and manual steps of the cloud development process with AWS tools and services.

Cloud development is most fun when you’re conceptualizing novel solutions to interesting problems. It’s less fun when you’re simply running the manual steps that go into building the code, testing it, and deploying it to multiple environments. AWS has built-in tools and services that aim to eliminate the most tedious elements of developing cloud solutions through code and automation, freeing you up for more interesting and rewarding work.

This course shows you the tools AWS has for running code without the need for provisioning or managing any servers and gives you practice with the AWS services that can model, visualize, and automate every step that goes into releasing your software.

Once you’re done with this AWS training, you’ll know how to automate the time-consuming, error-prone, and manual steps of the cloud development process with AWS tools and services.

For anyone with cloud developers on their team, this AWS training can be used to onboard new cloud developers, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a AWS reference resource.

AWS Developer Tools Tutorial: What You Need to Know

This AWS developer tools training has videos that cover cloud computing topics including:

– Automating tasks and services related to server provisioning
– Managing AWS resources programmatically
– Setting up CI/CD pipelines to build, test, and deploy apps
– Interacting with AWS resources and services through the CLI, SDK, and code

Who Should Take AWS Developer Tools Training?

This AWS developer tools training is considered associate-level AWS training, which means it was designed for cloud developers. This AWS skills course is designed for cloud developers with three to five years of experience with cloud computing.

New or aspiring cloud developers. For cloud developers who are just getting started, you have a choice: learn the automation skills AWS provides or get bogged down with administration, deployment, and maintenance. This course will show you the AWS services that make development fast and easy so you can spend your career actually developing.

Experienced cloud developers. Cloud developers with a few years of experience should take this course if any of the words CodePipeline, CodeBuild, Lambda, or CloudFormation aren’t familiar. Your testing can be automated, your deployments can be automatic, and rollbacks can be managed at the click of a button. Learn how with this course.


Trevor Sullivan
Nugget trainer since 2020

“I enjoy teaching IT because the technology industry is changing so rapidly, and our learners need to stay at the cutting edge.”

Trevor started building and troubleshooting computers at a young age, thanks to his father owning a software business. He brings more than a decade of IT and training experience to CBT Nuggets. Prior to joining the team, he worked in pre-sales engineering and solutions architecture. Trevor’s hobbies include riding motorcycles, hiking, and spending time with his family.

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