C. W. Sullivan III – Heinlein’s Juvenile Novels: A Cultural Dictionary

C. W. Sullivan III – Heinlein’s Juvenile Novels: A Cultural Dictionary
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Part of the Critical Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy series
Robert A. Heinlein’s early, juvenile science fiction novels appeared between 1947 and 1963, just as America was emerging from World War II and entering the space age, and are among his richest and most warmly remembered books. This comprehensive work defines the many names, terms and cultural references that appear in Heinlein’s juvenile novels, noting where they are found, explaining their sources and tracking their occurrences throughout the series. Of particular interest is the way in which Heinlein used science fiction to parallel the exploration of outer space with the settlement of the North American continent. Appendices provide a precis of the plot of each book, and speculate on some of the names and terms for which no specific reference could be found.

C. W. Sullivan III is Distinguished Professor of arts and sciences at East Carolina University and a full member of the Welsh Academy. He is the author of numerous books and the on-line journal Celtic Cultural Studies.

Format: PDF
Length: 193 pages
Published: 2011 by McFarland & Co.
ISBN: 0786444630

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